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drabble: Cartography

A little introspection for the Change of Scenery challenge at Tolkien weekly, (though it isn't canon so I didn't post it there.)

The road did not lie quite where I remembered, but bent gently, following the curve of the hill. The buildings had been rebuilt over the years, leaving the ghosts of Inn, smithy, ostler’s yard. My memory played me false by being too accurate.

But if I just focused a little farther on, I could see the old path was still there.

It was said Arda had shifted in such a way, and The Straight Road from Middle-earth to Aman was broken. Yet it runs, straight and true, as it always has and will, though Aman no longer lies at it’s end.

one of the hardest ones I've ever pared - it was nearly double in the first draft.

All of Arda belongs to the Professor - this is just my flattery and vanity.
Tags: arda, drabble

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