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Like a monkey with a Sledgehammer

For those of you still following the saga of my Cable Upgrade (and I really am tempted to try to cast it into some sort of heroic verse):

I was disheartened for awhile, and haven't been keeping you up to date, leaving the last chapter to Jim's Journal.

Currently: We have finished with the bathroom part of the program. New floor, new toilet, and while everything was pulled out of the shelves, I threw away bags of outdated medicines and stuff (I had a curling iron? I wonder if I ever used it?) I haven't got all my earrings back up on the rack, but except for that, Done! Yay!!

Cable: Jay and Not-So-Silent-Bob returned today - before noon, but I should have expected that. I don't know what the problem with the cable last week turned out to be. (And in spite of the feeling that this is the project that will never die - these boys are *so* in my good graces for NOT hooking me up to the dud line as the regular Comcast folks would have done.)

Today, the cable itself seems to be functioning. They asked if the toxic lake in the basement had been dealt with, and I just laughed.

The box of cable that had been left unannounced on the porch like a baby in a basket was decanted into a bouquet of coils across the living room floor by Silent Bob, wearing a clean-room suit that consisted of galoshes made by putting his feet into several plastic grocery bags and tying them around his ankles. They dropped briefly into the crawlspace, and then tried moving the console where all the living room electronics live. (They were surprised to find it's two separate pieces! Gah!) There was some back and forth between the office and the living room and the office to check what wires go where, which ones were cable related, and if there were outlets back there. (There were! It's been so long I had forgotten, though I knew the TV, etc, must be plugged into something.) They did something back there with something that looked like a giant stick-blender.

I was writing, so I'm not sure what happened next - I just heard them say "Uh-oh!" and then they went outside.

They were back in a few moments, with news.

It seems that Comcast, in their infinite wisdom, had forgotten to drill the hole that the cable has to go through. Well, it's only been 26 days - hardly a new Comcast record. And J&SB could not drill the hole themselves, because Comcast had come and taken their drill away for some other job.

They seemed a little afraid that I was going to be angry ( hey, swords) but they are still in my good graces because I have both TV and Internet, which I absolutely assure you would not be the case if Comcast had done the work themselves. They apologized for the yet-one-more delay. "Hey," I said, "Do I seem surprised?" We noticed that, they said, and we all just laughed (though not the happy laugh).

I did make them get on the phone with Jim and explain to him what's going on, since I was caught between laughing and clutching my head like a stunned monkey. (Jay had to take the phone outside to Bob, though, since he had removed his booties and wouldn't come back in.) Jim suggested I invite them to stay for coffee since they're here so often he's beginning to think of them as a fixture. But of course, even if he hadn't been joking, there's no place to sit in my dining area which is still full of things that should be in my pantry. And there's no real room to cook (though I can still reach my Capresso burr grinder/coffee machine - I have my priorities).

So, except for not being able to find the next volume of Deathnote, which is buried in the pile of books on the bedroom floor, we are done for the day. Fortunately, the newest volume of Bleach came in yesterday's mail.

So - to recap: the good idea of doing all the rewiring and checking it before anyone got switched over? Long gone into the fields of memory. Last Thursday's ultimatum that all the apartments were going live by the end of the day? Bwahahahahahaha.

J&SB promise to return on Friday, in the morning this time. Jay swears he will make a hole himself with a hammer if they don't drill / return his drill by then.

Fortunately, I had the In The Heart Of The Moon album kortirion sent me playing on my laptop. It does seem to get me to a zen place. (J&SB thank you)

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