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Yay! Comcast and Bathroom - both done. The cable seems to actually work (though there is no discernible improvement in the tv reception - in particular, the top channels where I hang out [bravo, discovery, natty geo, bbc america] still freeze and pixilate and of course crap out completely 5 minutes before the end of whatever we're watching, and the volume of the ads still sends both of us leaping for the mute - good grief, I'm not talking about a little louder, I'm talking about actually bone-hurting loud) I should be back on a regular schedule as soon as I straighten out my sleep times.

If you emailed me recently and didn't hear from me, please try again - I had one brief glitch during the switch.

So, because everyone else is doing it, here's my LJ journaling collage:

What I've been journaling about!

living room floorplastic grocery bagscomcastsilent bobgaloshescurling ironcrawl spacesledgehammerdojo listingsquote of the dayhorizonlivejournalcopy and pastehighlightgraphicsrich textfurniture guysshelvestrading spacesanxiousintentiondrabblecartographymiddle earthintrospectionflatterytolkienscenerystraight roadbathroom shelvesshelving unitmonday morningplumbinglabyrinthsring the bellwednesday eveningbookcasefriday nightliving roommailboxpatent officebogglestrademarkpoliticssymbolismrepublicanernie dingorosemary sutcliffhorse lordhistorical fictionobsessionreadingfriendscollagejealouschoicesapparentlyhomemade versionnew versionreligious iconslabor day weekendhighpointsrevolvedbathroom apartmentwater sportscrawl spacerottingcursinggroundwaterdisconnectedpackagingdish networkeuphamismsinnuendofountainmy little ponybento boxparallel wiringlunch breakwhackedbabblingastronomersbathtubcollectablescandlesamazon uksarcastic remarksali farka tourepersonal belongingsapartmentpackratpowerbookpromisingpast livespast lifepeasantarchitectitalian foodrunningbirthday wishesscrapped princessweatherpatlabormashed potatoestoilet rollmiraculous recoverypotato chipsgilgameshpythonsspritesborderlinezipper pullstemporary tattoosdiscovery channelquiz showsgame showpermanantpopularsky lightconstellationsdesign balancedreamtimeexpansetravellerfingertipsdarknessfrench toastelectric dulcimerblackberry jamunfortunatelycurmudgeondinner breakfastgankutsuousugar freeanime soundtracksterror alertwatch zonecook chickenbellydancingquiet daydance mixplaninganime cdsdesktop imagecomputer desktopbullet space peninternet browsercar radiowedding ringblack bulletcell phone ring tonetweezerfaramirsingletcell phone ringsparrowsdreaming

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