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Yay! Comcast and Bathroom - both done. The cable seems to actually work (though there is no discernible improvement in the tv reception - in particular, the top channels where I hang out [bravo, discovery, natty geo, bbc america] still freeze and pixilate and of course crap out completely 5 minutes before the end of whatever we're watching, and the volume of the ads still sends both of us leaping for the mute - good grief, I'm not talking about a little louder, I'm talking about actually bone-hurting loud) I should be back on a regular schedule as soon as I straighten out my sleep times.

If you emailed me recently and didn't hear from me, please try again - I had one brief glitch during the switch.

So, because everyone else is doing it, here's my LJ journaling collage:
What have I been blithering about?Collapse )

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