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My day started better, possibly because I managed to sleep late and avoid the techno-gods (except for the phone, briefly - and we ordered a new phone, so hopefully the one that holds a charge for all of 20 seconds after you pick it up will be headed for the great recycler in the sky soon. Hmm, I wonder if the phone rage that made me go out and throw it to the concrete of the porch yesterday is what set the little techno buggers off?)

Had an early birthday dinner for Chris at Longhorns, which was lovely except for the driving-soaking rain. ( I usually love getting damp as we run through the rain, but tonight I didn't make it down the walk to the car without getting soaked to the skin. Times like that, I really miss being able to wear contacts, as I fumble for the door.) After she left for home, Christopher followed us home and Jim duped some Samurai 7 for him (no techno-god pranks for him)

Then I popped open my powerbook, and Photoshop decided to let me know I was not forgiven by thinking up a new trick (every document I made, as soon as I did anything at all, the boxes in the layers that show what they are would turn to grey squares) and an old favorite (quitting "unexpectedly" if I save.)

This was followed by a second night in a row where someone's link to a graphic actually took me to a third party download page that popped a video/flash ad that froze Mozilla solid, and I lost all my tabbed info and sites when I crashed out. (I only use Mozilla for a very limited graphics flist that I read, but I don't want to sign out on firefox, or while firefox is running/downloading something else.

And the second night in a row that my Comcastic new cable has bluescreened out all my channels. Oh, comcast! I'm so impressed. Like a monkey ... with a sledgehammer....
Christopher mentioned tonight that he also had Comcast troubles recently, and had to go to the office to get it cleared up (since they only allow morons to man the phones in our area) and was surprised to find that the office had been re-done so that erveryone is behind bulletproof glass. I thought about that tonight while I was on hold....

It pushed me over my rapidly shrinking limit, and I gave in to the urge to hit something. It was the table next to me, and I didn't manage to hit it enough to feel less frustrated before I managed to hurt myself (enough that I'm sitting here holding a bag of ice in my "mousing" hand. Bah.)

So, owww. Enough typing for now.
Tags: domestic life, techno rage

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