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It's a lovely 60ish degrees outside, and Me? I have the bedroom air-conditioner running, due to the double whammy of the continuing dampness that make it feel like breathing soup, and the true sorrow of my apartment - we just can never get the breeze to come IN, and since the hot water pipes for the building run under our unit, it's generally warmer than I like this time of year.

A good book day - my Library had Darkly Dreaming Dexter for me (I got to see the first three episodes of Dexter during the recent preview week on Comcast, and I am really hooked- almost enough to spring for a pay channel. Almost. It's still comcast, after all. The only problem is now I get the occasional moment of character flashover while watching Six Feet Under -especially the sad smile during funerals moments. wah.)

And since I was having Amazon send me stuff for Chris's birthday (tomorrow, she shares with Mr. Viggo, though he's a year older.) I just let them send what I had in the cart, and added Storm Front, the first of the Dresden Files, which I managed to get hooked on from reading sulien's icons.

Hopefully over the weekend, we'll hook up the new phone, although the house gods seem to have decided that only Jim gets karma credit, since he chose it. They're still being nasty to me, and photoshop in particular is cruising for a meeting with a big stick.

At least itunes is behaving, which is good, since I came home from dinner the other night with a craving for the first James Taylor and Jackson Browne albums. (ok, I am now sneaking in a little Guadal Canal Diary and Hooters)

Chris has requested movie weekend for her birthday, but hasn't chosen yet. I think we'll shoot for 2, but may only make it to 1 since she also wants a session of working on her website with Jim. Still there *might* be some dvd shaped packages in her presents, so there's always that option. And hopefully dinner at some point, possibly with cake.
Tags: domestic life

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