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drabble: dirt

Dirt, for the Dirt challenge at tolkien_weekly
the irresistable answer

“Belts of gold, and the light of the Stars, eh?” the old fellow chuckled. “All noble gifts indeed! Perhaps I’ve been a little hasty judging these elves after all. And what did she give your Samwise then?”

An elven cloak and magic rope were mentioned, but the old man couldn’t bring himself to say that she had given his son a box of dirt. Sam himself was proud to tell.

“Dirt!” the old men cackled. “Now that’s odd!”

“Not at all!” cried Sam, rising to his “speaking” pose. “It’s earth, d’you see… Middle-earth! She gave it into my care.”

Disclaimer: All of Arda belongs to the Professor, but I have a passport.
Tags: drabble, tolkien

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