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Well, we haven't managed a movie (not even one here) but Chris did make a slew (that's a scientific term) of earrings, and Jim has walked her through setting up the next part of her website. (I'll post a link when it's ready)

I did relieve her of a pair with retro lozenge shapes/colors that matched the shirt Jim was wearing, and we set off on a blind adventure -- Chris had picked out where she wanted to go for dinner, but wanted to surprise us.

We drove north to exit 10 and were surprised to find ourselves at Harold's Deli. It's been waaay to long since we had a good deli anywhere in our neck of the woods, and this was not only food, it was an adventure in portions, starting with sandwiches (brisket vrs pastrami) that Chris and I did not manage to eat an entire half of, and followed by desserts that are the dictionary definition of excess. Here, thanks to Chris's cell phone camera and notarysojac's photoshopping skills, you can see the fellowship crossing Caradras vanilla buttercream cake:

(check jim's journal for more info)

Now, consider the possibilities of the fellowship coming up for air covered with buttercream frosing instead of snow --- isn't there something we can do to help them? (sorry, Legolas girls -but you know he just walks on top of buttercream like he's weightless. Bwaahahahaha.)

Yes, that slice of cake was 18 inches high. Jim and I split it for dessert last night, and breakfast this morning, and it looks like we might manage to finish it with coffee sometime this evening. The birthday girl had a *slice* of cheesecake that was the size of a wading pool. When we got home, my kitchen looked briefly like a food fight warzone, with bits of leftovers everywhere.
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