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My connection to LJ is still hit or miss, though Jim's seems to be fine. I suspect I am on a doomed cluster. In the past, I've been on Chef, Santa and (I think) Porkchop. Do they have one named comcast?

We managed to move some of the mess back into the pantry at long last. Today I was flattened with a headache all day though, and I wonder if it's sinus or all the dust we stirred up. As a result, I have nothing to say again. I curled up on the couch and tracked down ideas for the rest of the trick-or-treat icons, watched Heros (I am distressed that I can't find a single female character to like in this mix, but I adore Hiro so much I keep coming back) and Six Feet Under (which are new to me - I have the complete series boxset on order, so that should tell you how much I like them so far. I will be devastated if they drop off in quality since I'll have so many disks to mourn over.) And I have finished the first book of The Dresden FIles and ordered the next 4 (since 4 is usually cheaper at Amazon) and the latest Fruits Basket (14?). I have a new Genshiken I thought I would read in bed, but I am considering medicating myself into a stupor.

We've been very low-key about Thanksgiving the last few years, but the Food network is making me badly miss the big feast that used to happen here. I don't miss the cleaning up, though, or trying to fit things into the refrigerator. Perhaps I'll make a plan for some small cooking projects. Pumpkin Macadamia soup sounds good to me at the moment.

JIm (notarysojac) posted today with the sort of mistake that amuses us so much. But where is Anthony LaPaglia, I ask? when this first began happening, he was in *everything*!

Looking forward to a visit from aspidites on Thursday, and a possible get together with my music buddy John if we can manage to make definite plans for the weekend.
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