fileg (fileg) wrote,

I knew I was under the weather when the mailman rang the bell and gave me two packages and I didn't feel like opening them.

I wandered down the hall to the bathroom, and when I came out I sat down on the bed and apparently went to sleep, because I was startled when Jim called to say he was coming to pick me up to vote.

I just didn't want to vote. Well, I wanted to *vote* - (I don't think I've missed voting except for perhaps one or two school board elections since I've been of age) but, I didn't want to get dressed or move around. I did though. The thought of voting against Tom Keane Jr. was worth gathering my chi for.

And I felt much better once we got on the road. Voting was followed by a trip to the La-Z-Boy store (no connection implied!) where we ordered a replacement for the sofa, and then we stopped for dinner at Longhorns (or Longho, as the sign was missing some neon) where I ate a baked potato and Jim carbed up as well. He passed out on the couch almost as soon as we got home, and I am still trying to wake up.

Our old La-z-boy has heat and vibrating, but they don't make them like that anymore, so we debated getting two big yummy chairs instead (they still vibrate, etc.). Jim convinced me he wouldn't be happy if he couldn't get his feet in my lap when he falls asleep. As he passed out tonight, he managed to murmur - see, I told you we needed the big couch.

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