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I have had a busy and fun clump of days, but I really hope nobody wants me to go anywhere or do anything tomorrow.

In addition to our Thursday visit with Fritz aspidites on her way to something she calls "geekcon," we also managed to hook up on her return journey on Sunday. Fritz and Chris had beads spread out on all available surfaces, trading and squeaking. I am looking forward to seeing what comes of the traded goodies. Then we trundled off to Crackerbarrel for dinner, and I came home with Forbidden French Toast for dinner. Sometime soon we will have to drive down to Deleware and try the Canadian restaurant by Fritz, which she tells me has a carving of a mountie in the lobby that reputedly looks like Robert Goulet (not wearing a meter maid uniform, though)

Dinner and Music was the promise for Saturday, with my recently married friends. John was the Booking agent when we were producing concerts, and has kept up with what coming around much more than I have, and he likes these outings to be surprises. We drove over in the early afternoon to see the remodeled kitchen (Wow!) and decided to have dinner locally instead of in Philly when we couldn't get reservations anywhere close to the Keswick, which turned out to be our destination. for the Guthrie Family Reunion. I had never managed to see Arlo live before, and it was really a treat. He was accompanied by Sarah and Johnny, Abe, Abe's son Krishna on the drums, and later Abe's daughter and Sarah and Johnny's little girl.

We were Sarah's first professional concert, so we have always felt very connected. (We had Sarah alone, Sarah and Johnny, and the RIG tour which was Sarah and Johnny, Abe and Tao Rodriguez Seeger. The last time they played for us, Sarah was pregnant with Olivia, the little one that played the ukelele on Saturday, so even though I am not attracted to babies in general, there was much squeeing.)

Plus, I have never seen John so happy, so it was a totally cool night all around. And although I am hardly going to stop letting him take me to surprise concerts, I am going to try to get him to keep in better touch - we could do just dinner once in a while!

Christopher was here tonight, dropping off his beloved power book which notarysojac is going to gut and refit. We hit the retro lounge of our local diner for dinner, to ease the pain of separation (He;ll be buy sometime on Thursday to pick his baby up again.) And then I nearly feel asleep watching heroes, since I had eaten matzohball soup (totally worth the carb hit!)

My mail was a disgusting mess of soggy cardboard when I brought it in today, and my hands felt as if I had been making papier machie (or, more like someone had been wrapping me in it). So Jim got a couple of presents I might have squirreled away if they had been dry - (probably not) - the first season of The Addams Family (thank you, mrkinch for pointing me at these) and the first season of the animated Tick. (I'm no good at putting presents away for long stretches, which is why I tend to shop late, especially these days when we have a much shorter list then when we had relatives. I usually know exactly what I'm after, though - not that that stops impulse buying.)

Off to bed. The Library pickup was two Roman Britian novels I had floating on my list, so I have fallen into Under The Eagle.

Hmm, time to decant some holiday icons - I could use one with packages all year, actually. Or mail!

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