fileg (fileg) wrote,

like a monkey with a sledgehammer

Ah, comcast! Tomorrow I will have to spend some quality time on the phone with you, complaining about how you treated me on the phone today.

I understand there are some things you can't fix right away. But never, ever yell at me like *I'm* the moron here, especially not in a southern accent.

And when you tell me it's taking too long for my service to come back up (after I told you how long it usually takes, and you chose to reply, "No it doesn't") that is yet another thing wrong with my service, not with me.

I'm sitting here waiting too, and I knew better. But I'm glad you were able to make the wait shorter for *you* by hanging up on me, and then never answering the phone again. After all, why should we both be trying to fix the problem.

There are some good dictionaries on line, and I think you should try looking up the word "service" for a definition other than one that's rude slang.
Tags: comcastic

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