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I'm sure this time of year the folks who work in the Post Office spend a lot of time complaining to each other about people who can't seem to follow basic directions for preparing their packages.

I would just like to say that, although I'm sure they do see their fair share of idiots, that their web site is designed to aid people in getting it wrong.

I just spent far too long trying to get a price for mailing a small package to Canada. There *is* a navigation bar to aid your journey around the site, but for some reason it isn't on every page. Depending on what link you take to the site, you can go for 10 minutes before you accidentally encounter it.

Then it helpfully took me through 4 or 5 screens asking all possible permutations about my package, each on it's own little page. Height, weight, destination? ZIp code you're mailing from. Destination? Fine.

Then we did the little dance of sorrow where it repeatedly returned me to the form because I hadn't filled in a zip code for the destination. What do you think the drop down being selected to Canada is for? Oh yeah, on the third or fourth try, it somehow registered and took me through to the next section.

Postcard, letter, package or large package? I select *small package*, and it proceeds to take me through to a choice of prices and time to delivery. There are 10 choices on the page and 8 of them are for Letter.

Well, I picked one of the other two, but considering how accurate the other info was, they might also turn out to be for flat/envelope only.

One of us is a moron here, and I don't think it was me this time.

Have a nice holiday, postal worker, and please hire some nice qualifed people (perhaps some middle school kids) to fix your website.
Tags: post office

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