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A FLATULENT turtle set off an aquarium's fire alarm after being fed a Christmas treat of Brussels sprouts.

It broke wind and the bubble it created was so strong, it set off an emergency sensor inside its tank at the Sea Life Centre in Weymouth, Dorset, yesterday.

It indicated the water was at a dangerously high level, so marine biologist Sarah Leaney rushed to the aquarium.

Last night, she said: "When I got there, all seemed fine. I looked at the tube containing the sensor and saw a turtle beneath it.

"As I watched, a few large bubbles emerged from beneath him and rose to the surface next to the tube. Straight away, I realised what must have happened.

"We like to give all our animals a treat at Christmas and sprouts are a really healthy choice for sea turtles.

"But they do produce similar side-effects to those experienced by humans who eat too many sprouts."

Jim and I immediately thought of Gamera, who we always refer to as "farting turtle; friend of children."

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