fileg (fileg) wrote,

I've been fighting off a cold of some kind for the last day or so (I actually crawled off to bed just after midnight last night). My main symptoms seem to be coughing and falling asleep every couple of hours, so I haven't been much on the reading/concentrating front.

Jim just watched the first disk of the anime Black Cat. Theoretically, we were all watching, but Chris and I seemed to be snoring quite a bit of the time.

I have been amusing myself in my brainless state by reading the cover reviews over at Smart Bitches - an activity I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in a similar state.

Also - it seems quite unfair that if your friends make you laugh and cough at the same time in an effort to make you wet yourself, you still have to trek down the hall to the bathroom. And linking me to Alton Brown/Mike Rowe slash -- Thanks?

Hmm, I think I need a nap.....

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