fileg (fileg) wrote,

out-takes at the top of my list

Yes, you know I am excited about a movie I may not even be able to see, squeamish as I am. I have been reading the reviews in the hopes of figuring out if I can go early on or if I will have to wait for what we refer to as "a sighted guide" to warn me when not to look.

This review mentions a crew experience I would dearly love to see film of, though:

The 300 experience was surreal for the actors even during the shoot. After finishing the final scene -- a field of dead Spartans with severed heads and limbs -- the sweaty actors in their loincloths burst outside their Montreal studio.

"We all stepped out into this blizzard and had a big snowball fight," recalls Snyder. "It was pretty awesome."

Put that on my *to buy* list with whatever LotR footage is still floating around out there!

Great pics of David at the premier this week, too! I am not inspired to post them like I used to, since so many people these days have better copies than I find. But there has been much searching and appreciating at this end.

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