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I'm finishing up a project, and I have the tv on in the background - it's the Bravo Sexiest Moments in Movies countdown (I like mindless background noise at this hour if I'm using my brain for something else)

Just in at #4, a scene that got through my la-la-la screen - the potters wheel scene in Ghost. People are all drooling in their interviews about how this is an ultimate Chick sex-scene moment.

Can I just say - I hate the very idea that people consider this movie romantic. I never, for one moment, forget that HE is DEAD! I don't care how much two live people might like the idea of re-creating that sort of scene - DEAD!. Can I just say it again - HE'S DEAD!

That pretty much takes it out of the category for me.

I'm sure I won't agree with the others either, but this one makes me cringe.

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