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conversations while sleeping

notarysojac and I often have conversations while one of us is asleep, or mostly so. Jim is the best at it, since he will often talk while deeply asleep and dreaming, telling me why all mermaids are lefthanded; how to play the video game "cows of darkness, cows of light"; or explaining that although there is no joke yet, the punchline is going to be "wait until you see the condiments" to mention just a few.

He often asks me questions while he's getting ready to leave for work, because whether or not I'm completely awake I can generally tell him what he was supposed to get at the store, who he was supposed to call or if we are supposed to be anywhere that evening.

Sometimes I volunteer slightly more information (though nothing so interesting as his dream about drafting tables for friends with permanent mounting). This morning, he asked if I was going to sleep and I said I might as well, since I was out of book. (my standard morning compliant - I run out of book about 10 minutes before the brain is really ready to follow)

He offered to fetch me down the next volume, but the book I had run out of was Hikaru No Go 8, which means no more book for a least a month. He offered me several more choices, of which I remember Loveless, Chibi Vampire, Genshiken and Death Note - all of which we have finished and are waiting on publishing schedules for.

"I'm sorry sweety," he finished. "Apparently we don't have any books."

I opened one eye and looked at the *waiting to be shelved* stack.

"Apparently," I explained to him, "we are subject to the miracle of the loaves and manga - loaves and leaves, if you like. We remove two books from the shelves, give them away and put two more up, only to find that now there are four where those two used to be. It will never end."

"Good!" he exclaimed, heading for the door. "If we are under a divine directive that we will never see the floor, I don't even have to try and clean up my side of the office."

must try to weasel out of this one, now...

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