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Fantasy Geography

No spoilers unless Geography is a surprise to you....

For the second time I have encountered the *same* piece of fantasy geography in anime reference.

When I ran into it the first time, it was in the "man from uncle dream" sequence in Patlabor, so I thought it might have been intentional.

But I read all the Death Note manga I have this weekend (that's through vol.11) and in vol 8 when the missile is launched, we get this bit of Dialog:

followed by this map, showing the trajectory from the LA area to Hudson Bay:

This information shows us that *someone* thinks Hudson Bay is in NY - probably that big bay at the mouth of the Hudson River . We call that New York Harbor. See the red dot? That's approximately where Jim and I grew up.

See the Great Lakes way to the north, and the red arrow pointing up above them? Hudson Bay is up there a little further than I can get to on this map.

Since I have now encountered this twice, I wondered if NY Harbor is called by another name in other countries. But, the *translators* have no excuse....

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