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my otaku shoes

I am totally NOT a shoe girl. I currently have a pair of black walking sneakers that I think of as my new shoes, but realized recently that they are at least 5 years old.

So, the idea that I would actually *desire* shoes is a little foreign to me. And yet, I fell in love with these, and so Jim went out and found a way to order them on line:

They arrived today, and they are even cooler than I expected except for feeling unnaturally stiff to someone who has worn new shoes in ages. I mean, really, look at the dragon on the soles:

Plus, Jim had much e-mail interaction with someone at the company who was SO amazingly nice.

He wanted a pair of the black walkers, but he's difficult to fit, being a 12 EEE or flipperfoot. They told us where to download their sizing chart (this prints out with ruler markings down the side so you can make sure your printer is sizing the graphic correctly. He measured me, and for kicks, we measured him as well.

They took the order for mine, and emailed him back to say that they didn't have his size, but they were off to Asia for a trip to the factory, and they would try to get them. Then, about a week or so later, he got another email telling him how they had laid out shoes all over the floor of the factory measuring them, and that they had his shoes.

His will look like this when they arrive:

I *love* my cool shoes, and I am happy to say every step of ordering from them was great. They have a website if you want to see more cool shoes.
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