fileg (fileg) wrote,

found at amazon

even though I was looking at it, I wasn't sure it was for real....

Bump & Go Drumming Bear with Hunny Pot

It was the description that boggled me:

Product Description
This is one crazy battery operated toy from China. It is a bump and go hunny pot drum that is played by a yellow bear. The bear has bright yellow light up eyes that makes it look almost possessed. The cymbals go up and down and have a bright red light in the center. It plays a crazy song sung in English by a Chinese woman but most of the words are unintelligible except for one phrase night all night, do you want me tonight, to have it you better tell me why. Not for children under 3. Because of the song it may not be appropriate for anyone under 18. This is one crazy novelty toy. If you never turn it on it would look great as kitsch in a kids room. The box is loaded with great Chinglish. Sound A Beautiful Music, Cartoon of! Divertive!, Flashiivg, Amused! Have fun!, Is the best welcome gifts for the children.
Tags: clutching my head like a stunned monkey

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