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found art: jabba the object lesson

Had dinner with Chris - it is, infamously, Pea-Soup Thursday in our favorite local in the land of diners, and I came home with a plan and my Trilogy Tuesday (actual physical) Ticket. I am wavering between jumping up and down with excitement and wondering if my back and legs are up to this excursion, wondering how the hell I am going to sneak low-carb, really high-protein food bars into the theater, jumping up and down some more, considering depends and wheelchairs, moments of moaning and squeeing, checking my pulse and jumping up and down some more.

I spent part of my day trying to find a particular piece of art-doggerel that I wanted to send to cruisedirector for her birthday. No such luck - but I have emailed you a few other long lost finds.

In the finds was this horrifying photo, which I share here to amuse Robin.

Does this bring back memories of an all night print shop? Hotel rug Hopscotch?

After staying awake for *way* too many hours, one of us decided that Jabba the Hut looked like a blues man. Someone tracked down this *action* figure, and Jim carved the harmonica from a pink gum eraser. When you moved his tail, the harmonica went back and forth...

People came into the print shop all night to play with it. Can you believe how easily we are amused?
Tags: art, jim

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