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ANIME QUIZ - Which Evil Anime Badass Are You?

You are Kowaru Nagisa from "Evangelion"!You are BACKSTABBING evil.
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The theme in one of my anime games this week is *badass*, and for grins, I typed it into google and came up with the "Which Evil Anime Badass Are You?" quiz. How serendipitous! I ran over to take it.....

Am very amused -

I'm not a "bad boy" kinda girl at all - most of my friends are attracted to the bad boy or the anti-hero, but not me. If there's a straightforward sorta guy available, that's right where I go. I guess I bend a little for "devious for a good cause."

But, I totally adore Kowaru. And what's more he's the *only* character in Evangelion that I can stand at all. (ok, there is one, possiblly two more that I don't actively want to smack all the damn time.) So, an unexpectedly fun result.

On the other-hand, I must express my opinion that I never considered anything about Kowaru *evil*. But, I'll give you badass, though I wouldn't have thought of it myself.

As to quiz results, after looking at the "see all results" page, while I wouldn't identify with anyone, so leaving everything but the main label aside: I am really *not* "backstabbing" evil - I would totally be Irritable evil. My frustration level, especially with stupidity, is *very* low.
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