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Last week Chris and I got into a discussion about A Town Like Alice, and she ended up asking me why I didn't own it, to which I replied that there was no dvd version. She couldn't believe that, so we ended up spending several days surfing around trying to find dvds - no luck.

No American version, not even from PBS (The PBS miniseries was on shortly after Chris and I first met, and I have always associated it with meeting her, especially since she is responsible for making me really get into Neville Shute.) I did find the 1956 version at Amazon UK, but the set I want is unavailable to me (it goes into my cart, but when I try to check out it says it can't be shipped to my location, even though the third party seller lists shipping to the US.) And there is also no zone 4 version at all at any of my regular zone 4 haunts.

So, we ended up watching the VHS tapes last weekend and admonishing each other not to cry lest we both start (she *so* lost that game!) I guess I'll have to get her to lend them to me and transfer them to dvd myself. But getting her to let them go will take awhile.

This has put me in the mood to watch Tenko, which *is* all available on dvd, and which Jim found for me at yule. Chris has never seen them, and is anxious to, but finding a block of time big enough will be a trick. (actually, once she sees the first few, there will be no stopping her, so I should aim for her next long weekend.)

Chris is housesitting for friends this weekend, and invited us over yesterday for Jim's requested birthday dinner of pork-roast, corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. She had plans to show me the extended version of Kingdom of Heaven on the big screen tv, but realized at the last minute that someone had borrowed it, and she can't remember who (she keeps losing her favorites this way - I had to replace her Voices from a Distant Star when she lent it to a friend at work who moved away.) We watched a little random anime, decided that it was actually too cold to swim (the pleasures of a well-shaded property) and so we just hung out, watched deer in the yeard and pawed through her bead boxes to pick favorites while she made earrings for an upcoming show.

We got home around 1, and found that the lovely coolness had not followed us home, and that adult swim had totaly screwed with the anime schedule (and their oh so helpful website, instead of telling you what shows are on when just says Adult Swim for the entire night. Honestly, I wanted to be noisily irate, but I was still too full.) So I missed what I did want to watch by trying to avoid the crap that had been substituted in.

We passed on going back for leftovers today (the length of the drive discouraged us, and our natural urge to vegetate took hold) so we watched the second disc of When Cicadas Cry.

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