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Today, much to my surprise, the FIOS installers the apartment had left me notes about last week actually appeared.

Of course, all the info the apartments gave me was that work in my building would begin today, so we made sure the access to the crawlspace was clear, and emptied out the half of the bedroom closet we guessed they would want to get into based on really non-specific directions.

I tried to go to bed early last night in preparation for being awake early to let them in. This, of course, meant that I could not sleep at all, so when Jim went to work (my regular bed time) I got up and tried to clean up some files. Generally, being up all night isn't a big deal for me, but I was desperately sleepy all day yesterday, so when noon rolled around and there was no sign of a truck, I went to bed.

The guys rang the doorbell at 1:30 to tell me I was next, and I said great, and we agreed that I would unlock the door for them so I could get back under my laptop. They rang the bell about half an hour late, to tell me they would be coming *soon,* and then again about half an hour after that.

By then, JIm had taken a home lunch, and he got to answer the door the next time. BUT, the time after that, they actually came in. One of them dropped down into the crawlspace and the others milled about in the bedroom closet with Jim in some weird slash parody.

Without too many false starts, they attached the connection next to the light switch. It's ugly, but inside the closet, so hey. Then the guy who had been under the apartment came up and told me there was water down there. No kidding! I told him I have reported this every. single. time. a. guy. goes. down. there. I asked him if *he* would say something, and he said he would (so, there is a small chance he will I guess). The other guys were all appalled, and asked if I didn't know mold could be bad, YES! Yes, i do know that, so if I ever get diagnosed with stachybotros, I want all of you to sue.

Anyway, the good things are, I don't have to get up every day this week wondering when they will come, I can reach some of the crap in the closet I've been meaning to ebay and/or goodwill before the rest goes back in, and we are now wired for FIOS, which means it will be available sometime relatively soon. Hopefully, this will shake comcast out of their complacency and they will have to start treating customers nicely, or Jim will finish his research on whether switching over is better for us. At least it's a choice, which is more than we have had for the last 20 years.


For those of you into retro art, there are amazing new bit of merchandise on the Coop site, my favorites of which are the condoms:

And the Alien Love Doll:

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