fileg (fileg) wrote,

hints from fate

Jim and I are due for our regular eye-doctor and new glasses visit.

Just in case we were thinking of procrastinating, (like last year) today began with Jim, who was sleeping on the couch, knocking over his coffee. Not a huge emergency, but after the frenzy of mopping up, we couldn't find his glasses. After about half an hour of two sleepy old people (one of them naked) crawling around, we found that they had gone down into the workings of the recliner when he bolted uprite. Fortunately, they shook free and jim was able to crawl under the footrest and retrieve them.

Tonight, just after he fell asleep, I took my glasses off to wipe them clean and snapped the right earpiece (of my flexon unbreakable glasses) off on the front where they adhere by magic to the lens. I'm sure they adhere by magic, because neither the lens or the flexon had any belief in the power of crazy glue, so I am wearing an old pair now. (the perscription is more or less the same, but the shape puts my near/far correction in a different place, which make me slightly dizzy.)

Hopefully Jim will be able to cajole a repair tomorrow, (and we should make a regular appointment while we're at it.)

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