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Well, I seem to be doing ok in these glasses for now. So far re-locating them on my face has solved my blurriness problems. I did have a dream that I was talking to Jim by the car and realized that I wasn't wearing my glasses, and had no idea where I had left them. But, in another part of that dream Jim asked me what I wanted for dinner and I replied "Spaghetti-Os!" (which I have not had in, oh, say a decade...) so there's always that.

Jim and I managed to remove about 2 dozen bulky things from the house via ebay this week (I wish there was an aftermarket for books, since that's where I have the most potential to make room, but alas...) and we have three boxes to go to goodwill (hopefully more before we make the trek there sometime toward the end of the week). Anyone who wants a big box of random cookbooks (or even a single random cookbook) and will pay shipping, give me a holler)

We just watched the last of season 1 of Black Lagoon (I'm hoping there will be a chance at season two with the Geneon debacle. There's always amazon uk, I guess..) We have Beck 2 & 3 and the first Welcome to the NHK lined up for this week. We also watched the first 2 discs of Brisco County Jr (so far I have scored the first 4 of the 8 discs) which I am enjoying way more than I should be, and is helping with my Bruce Campbell withdrawal while Burn Notice is gone. I sense icons in my future.

Lee, I have a couple of links aimed mostly at you -

the first is this one to Hello Kitty Sausages: (click for link) But how can we eat them with no mouth?

the other is the Young America's Foundation Conservative VIP poster,


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