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markbark found an article about my new hero:

Taking a hammer to Comcast

I think poor Jim is afraid this has given me ideas. I had to point out I had *never* considered taking a hammer to the comcast office. After all, *I* have swords!

As if on cue, I was trying to watch this weeks NCIS on OnDemand tonight, and it turned itself off three times, showing me the *error 26* message.

I did call them, but typically there was no satisfaction. This is for a number of reasons

Although the message tells me the signal has been interrupted and you must call and report the error number, this is a lie. Starting the program over generally works just fine, though sometimes (like tonight) it will pick several different places to die. In my considerable experience, the real answer is to wait 24 hours - this is the only thing that I have ever seen work.

Tonight I was annoyed enough to call, and the automated system tells me that they will send a signal to my cable box which should correct the problem. I point out here, it is automated, and it *never asks* for the error number, leading me to believe they know damn well what the problem is. It happens often enough to be automated into their system. My question is, if it's that common, instead of adding in into the automated que, why the bloody hell don't they just FIX the problem.

As i said, I called tonight and even let it send the pulse (no effect, what a shock) not because I believed it would be fixed (since 24 hours had not passed) but because I wanted to ask why the hell they don't address the problem with the feed instead of making us call repeatedly.

After sitting through the robotic pretense, the message asks us to push 3 if we want to speak to someone. I push three, the phone rings twice, and hangs up.

Actually, no surprise here either, since this has happened the last three times I called.

How the hell do these people stay in business?

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