fileg (fileg) wrote,


Title: Elevation
Word Count: 150
Team: Dunedain
For the minor character challenge.
150 words – I know, I know, but he had so little of his own...

I was newly risen to an exalted position in my company.

I smiled at my own jest. My scarlet robe and gilt feathers marked my rank – yet it was the Mumakil who raised me, visibly, above my first command.

This land shrouds itself in a blanket of green, draped like some skulking enemy. All of the moon-land smelled like a gathering ambush.

I had very little time to consider that, for turning, I startled at a fluttering, buzzing, like some large insect.

I looked down in disbelief. A feathered shaft blossomed above my heart. A little further down, and I stared into a face shrouded in the forest's green, but with deep clear eyes that watched my tumble begin, down to the rich earth so unlike the sands of home.

He did not look like a monster. In fact, his grave serious gaze reminded me of my brother when...
Tags: arda, fiction

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