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update; great stationary supplies

Jim and I had our eye appointments today, and after having my eyes dilated and lights shined on/in, followed by a trip to cheeburger cheeburger for carbs (and now that I don't carb often, I have to say OMG that first french fry! Mmmmm!), and topped off with an hour of looking at flat screen tv's (Our tv has been threatening to implode for months, and yesterday it simply gave up. My very resourceful notarysojac hooked up the biggest of our flat monitors for the time being) I have a headache/eyeache combo that is currently making me want a nap.

No change in my eyes by the way, which at my age and family background is always nice to hear. I did order new glasses, since I have learned the value of good backups, and besides it was time.

And yes, it does look like jim and I will be buying each other a tv for our anniversary once he is done playing the happy engineer game of spec-ing everything out.

But, a quick link to share:

I've always been overly fond of stationary supplies - Nothing like a box of eberhard faber mongol pencils (482 #1's!). These days I'm pretty much down to fountain pens and laptop (Oooh, and my light green graph paper day journal) But there are a bunch of things in this entry at dark roasted blend that I would go for....

I never thought of hooking ginger up to run a shredder (though I used to take a roll of toilet paper, set it on the shredder and let it shred/unroll to make her favorite softy shred.

Although an art piece by Tom Ballhatchet, this is a working shredder (provided the hamster is working).

A little heavy on the animal related links, I know, but don't miss the cat butt pencil sharpener or the real-life rabbit paper opener....
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