fileg (fileg) wrote,

An Open Letter to Empire AU

Just got my copy of the January 2004 Empire (Austraila), flipped to check if the Return of The King article was the same - and wrote them this letter ---

Thanks guys--

I live in the USA, right between NYC and Philadelphia. There are plenty of magazines I could get right here, without the amazing fee I pay to have Empire AU mailed to me - but I always consider my subscription worth the trouble, because I know that no one else, not even Empire UK, is going to focus on the culture of the Pacific Rim.

I don't expect anyone local to me to much care who David Wenham, Karl Urban, etc. are - I thought I had *you* for that.

So how disappointed was I to find that the AU and NZ cast is conspicuously missing from your coverage of the Return of the King. Aaaaagh!

Elijah Wood seems like a nice boy, but if I wanted to see his face, I can pop into any bookstore here.

Poor Faramir. Screwed again.
Tags: arda, movie!verse

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