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The new tv was delivered Saturday, and we are impressed enough with the way the HD signal comes in when we bypass the cable box that we spent part of Sunday discussing upgrading to comcast's HD service. (It's obvious we're going to want HD service, and it seemed reasonable to try the comcast while we're waiting for the Fios to be available so we can make a good ultimate decision.)

Yesterday, Jim had the day off. Our plan was to go out and get fitted/pick up my new glasses, have a late lunch, and spend a lazy day together learning how to best integrate the new tv with what's in our electronics stack.

Jim was awoken early by the sounds of the Fios guys digging up the lawn to put their cables in, followed almost immediately by him losing his internet connection, followed by the cable tv going out.

He stepped out on the porch and asked the guys if they might have cut the cable while digging, which they denied. They said they had "found an unmarked cable" but that they "had not touched either of them." Jim was eventually joined by a couple of neighbors also wanting to see why they had lost their connections.

After awhile he came back in and called comcast, who told him "there is no reported outage in your area." He explained, much more politely than I probably would have, that he was calling *to report* one.

I'm so glad it's nobody's fault, and that we don't actually have a problem.

We went out earlier than intended, got my new glasses, and hit the Ihop for pumpkin pancakes. When we got home, the sun was setting over our apartment, on this little scene of domestic bliss (please click to appreciate):

So my imaginary outage was fixed on the same day!
I had Wednesday in the betting pool, so no win for me.


Off to vote now!

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