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The interest meme looks at the interests of those on my friends list who share interests with me that are, shall we say, less popular and then recommends interests for me to check out.

I was disappointed not to get a single hit that I didn't know anything about. In fact, many of these would be on my list if there was more room, but with only 50 spots you can't break a single author into *every* possible interest - Tolkien would more than fill my entire list if I broke them down like that! (12 of my 20 suggestions come from The Professor)

Under the cut, what it chose from my interest list, and what it reccommended...

What it chose from my list:

extracting users who share your rarer interests
Interests Processed: tarot art, lee moyer, edith nesbit, mabinogian, thomas burnett swann, canadian folk music, polynesian mythology, stephen fearing, travel narrative, robert ito, jory nash, mouse woman, avari, the floating world, ernie dingo, robin williamson, harryhausen, amergin, sue hubbell, ossian, robert gould, james keelaghan, heavy horses, yuri gagarin, valentina tereshkova, jim fitzpatrick, shackleton, barry windsor smith, gus grissom, mike kaluta, book of conquests, andrew lang, pacific rim, tenko,

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. lloyd alexander score: 10
2. teleri score: 10
3. sindar score: 9
4. tanith lee score: 8
5. valar score: 8
6. patrick o'brian score: 8
7. moriquendi score: 8
8. noldor score: 8
9. patricia mckillip score: 7
10. vanyar score: 7
11. emma bull score: 7
12. vance gilbert score: 7
13. eldar score: 7
14. gil-galad score: 7
15. varda score: 7
16. calaquendi score: 7
17. david francey score: 7
18. laurelin score: 6
19. october project score: 6
20. aman score: 6

Type your username here to find out what interests it suggests for you.
Popularity Ceiling: (Please be patient!)

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The authors:

I love Lloyd Alexander (no surprise), and Patricia McKillip (Though I can't hear her name without thinking of the unfortunate Darryl Sweet cover on one of the first paperback editions of Forgotton Beasts of Eld in which *the most beautiful princess in the world* looked like Barbra Streisand at Woodstock.) I am less fond of Emma Bull and Tannith Lee, although I am very fond of the bits I like. I read O"Brian years ago and remember liking him without ever falling in.

The Music:

I got to work with the amazing Vance Gilbert many times in my *other* life. I still get out to see him whenever our schedules cross. Dangerous fun.

I never got to work with David Francy, but he's not only Canadian (you know I have a thing about Canadian music, yes?) but he wrote RedWing Blackbird, a song that I don't think I have to explain my fondness for here. It has been in my writing mix as long as I have had one, as has October Project.

So, how about you just tell me directly which of your "lower ranked" interests you think I need to check out?

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