fileg (fileg) wrote,

A friend pointed me to the Entertainment Weekly site (not a place I generally hang out) because of their gallery of "17 pop culture immortals" which featured Legolas at #3.

I only recognized about a third of the chosen, (My favorite of them being Tilda Swinton as Orlando). Judging by the information they supply, they may not really recognize them either. Legolas, for example, has this piece of info:

And according to Tolkien, elves live forever...unless they die in battle or decide to take the Grey Havens cruise.

Now, I don't expect people at EW to care, but you don't have to add unnecessary info if you can't be arsed to get it right. Why not just shut up?


Since I was there, I also fell into this gallery of 31 shows that were cancelled too soon. This could *almost* have been assembled by Chris - she's always trying to get me to watch doomed shows with her, and many of them were here. But how do you make a list like this without Firefly ? Really, though, you could pretty much have made this list by just linking to the Fox network.

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