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I have been a fan of David Wenham's since a friend sent me "The Boys" - and it got me interested in the great quirky films that come out of the area. The American entertainment press never even admits it exists, let alone covers it -- so, I have a subscription to the Australian version of Empire magazine, (even though the shipping is more than the subscription) I complained about them yesterday, for not covering the Aussie/Kiwi actors in their RoTK article. Turns out I should have trusted them, after all. I got this note tonight from Matthew Coyte:

Thanks for your email Tay. We would have liked to have run our interviews with David Wenham (we did the one the UK ran ourselves!) and Karl Urban etc. (hell Orlando and Liv would have been nice as well!), but we were unable to get permission from their publicists to use their photos in time! Aaah, the small-minded gall of LA publicists...

Please note that any views expressed in this email may be those of the originator and do not necessarily reflect those of this organisation.

Nice that they wrote back, and so quickly. I will cut them a little more slack in the future - they did run two other pics of David in that issue, after all...


No tarot, no david pics, tonight. I am going to take two nyquil and try to sleep for a few hours, then we are off to Trilogy Tuesday. (That's Today! Agggghhh!) I seldom get sick since I started to low-carb and this is NOT the day I wanted to have the pounding headache from hell that makes me want a quiet room and closed eyes...
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