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Character Moment

You may consider this observation a spoiler -

Seen it twice now, still processing for myth. I love this Pippin - this is the Pippin I write!

I had one heart-stopping moment the first time we saw it -

When Faramir asks his father if he wishes he had died and Boromir had lived - there is such a huge, anguished pause after Denethor says yes, and the look on Faramir's face -- I was *terriffied* that he was going to say, "So do I." I'm sure he feels the loss of Blade deeply. But he *didn't* say it - and my faith soared. He is pummeled by this conversation in movie!verse, but he does not crumble! It would be one thing for Faramir to feel dispair and quite another to lead his men to their deaths over it. (Does the scene where the Men of Faramir's Command ride through the streets in their own funeral procession not knock you out of your seat?!)

His eyes change, and he says - think better of me when I return. But when Denethor says - that will depend on the manner of your return - he is walking to the door already. He does not pause, break stride, or look back. It's a small victory over Dad, but we'll take it, thanks!

He is my strong of heart Faramir, and I had a flash of rejoicing for him even at that terrible heart-crushing moment.
Tags: arda, movie!verse

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