fileg (fileg) wrote,

drabble arda: Sheltered

late for the prompt "never happened" at tolkien_weekly

Title: Sheltered
Rating: G
Book/Source: Silmarillion

Disclaimer: All of Arda belongs to the Professor. This never happened in his world.

All was as they had said it would be. The Land dreamed in the light of the trees, beauty touched all they surveyed, and they had been welcomed kindly, as children to be cherished.

Yet the smile faded from Manwe’s eyes as he saw that the brothers, while expressing their gratitude at his plan, were most definitely not accepting of it.

“Why should Eru chose secluded Cuiviénen as the place of our awakening if we were not meant to grown in our own way?”

“Also” muttered Elwe to himself, “I am not sure I like being summoned, even to paradise…”

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