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The Fictional Character Letter Meme

# 1. Comment on this post
# 2. I will give you a letter
# 3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

przed gave me F. (I wonder who she could have been thinking of?)
and inspired me with her use of lovely pics.....

One of my few influences that actually predate Faramir is The Fox. (In my head, Zorro is always Guy Williams.)

He had a huge impact on me - I've never been the kind of girl that falls for the bad guy, but because of Zorro and Bagheera I have always been drawn to the "dark guardian" - he *looks* like he could be the dangerous one - in fact, you ought to be considering if you will be devoured. But he's totally trustworthy if he's on your side, and even with his enemies, you still can't fault his sense of justice..... and devouring can be a good thing.

Faramir. We all know when I speak of him, it's book!Faramir of whom I speak.... He captivated my brain at what proved to be my most impressionable moment. I have no objectivity here, and I admit it.

Sam Fujiyama. Yes, that's his name, though you could be forgiven if you thought his full name, as called by Quincy, was "Sam, this man's been murdered!" So brainy, so involved, so patient... so beautiful.

Fuka Ayase: Jim and I both love the manga Yotsuba!?. The Ayase family, who live next door to our little four-leaf-clover haired heroine have three daughters. Fuka is the middle child. She's not the pretty one, she's not the smart one, but she is far and away our favorite character. She's kind, she listens, she's not condescending and she's there when you need her. She's the kind of friend we all want. (and every time they call her "the un-pretty one," Jim yells "What's wrong with them!" Which, you know, is why I have Jim...)

Frohicke. The truth is, I have a bit of a crush on all the Lone Gunmen, but next to the chair where I sit with my laptop, I keep 2 collectible figures - Jet Black and Melvin Frohike. Not all my heroes have to be perfect. But sometimes they are, anyway....

Detective Francis Xavier Pembelton.. I adore him, and I'm frightened to death of him. I wish he could show a little tolerance for his own failings. I'm not sure I want to be friends with Pembleton, but I feel better knowing he's there.


I can't believe I left off The Foxywhiskered Gentleman. He was actually the very first name on my list (well, after the obvious one) but by the time I had thought up enough F's, I had forgotten him!
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