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Great way to drawn attention to Banned Books Week: the Twin Hickory Library in Va. is having volunteers read in the comfy chairs in their Banned Book display!

more about it here

I feel like they should be our sister library, since my local is The Hickory Corner Library (yes, only one corner, we are that small....)

Hickory Corner is actually a great library, and not that small (I worked at smaller back when I was single) But when we moved to NJ in the 70's ( Jim was working on the Tokamak Fusion project at Princeton) we lived in Plainsboro (see Paradise Garage by Tim Curry to reference the podunk-iness of this). We both grew up in NY, so it was a shock to live somewhere where the library was open on Friday evening from 5 to 8. We went once, to look at the book....

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