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Totally unrelatedto the musings - I am also doing a *smidge* of writing in the Theatrical Muse, but I don't think I am ready to say who. If you are not reading them and want to look for me, drop me a note, neh?

You guys may just want to skip over the free association that is beginning in my brain. Some of it, like this, and last nights Faramir thought, come from the fact that people on my lines are complaining about interpretation without acknowledging that what they are objecting to is that someone else's doesn't match theirs. Now we are starting to get people complaining because fanon is being violated.

Well, when it comes to bizarre interpretations I have some doozys of my own. Most notable I guess is my feeling that Denethor does not love one son better than the other. He does not understand the first thing about love. He uses his approval to manipulate both boys. (I of course think that his rage with Faramir comes from the fact that Faramir does not fall for it). There has been a lot of talk about Gandalf and Denethor on my lines today, and I feel like putting my two cents in -- You may have this for book and movie both -

I get completely frustrated with Gandalf when he stops Faramir while Faramir is doing his utmost to keep his heart in control to tell him the *lie* that his father loves him and will remember before the end.

I know my interpretation of Denethor is *way* to the left of center, but speaking only in canon, whether you believe Denethor is a man who fell to madness, or one who was never kind - the truth is that the Denethor that exists *at that point* is mad as an eel. He will *not* remember that he loves Faramir. He will not remember love. He will throw Faramir on his pyre as grave-goods.

Movie!Denethor brought home an old belief of mine that as he held the shattered horn in his hands he did not grieve for Boromir because he loved him, but because of the completely unthinkable fact that -- Boromir Had Failed Him!
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