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making a list

• I need to reconsider where I get my info. My feeds were happy to show me a rhino drill at a Japanese zoo, but I not that Tony Hillerman and Michael Crichton had died. (I am happy to get the silly news, trust me. I chose the lines after all, and somedays I really need the smile. I just also want to know what's up.)

• my first good political impact - for the first time in a week, I didn't wake up today from an exhausting dream that Reagan was still president.

• I know I still owe a few of you trick or treat icons. I was too preoccupied/anxious (and too tired - see above) about the election to do a good job, but I promise to catch up now. Any last minute trick or treaters, this is your chance...

• An unexpected phone call this afternoon from aspidites, asking if I wanted a drop in visit. "Where are you?" I asked. ( We don't live in the same state.) "In your parking lot!" she replied.

There was some question as to who was going to get to the door first to let her in. (Jim was on his way home from work, and I was in the bathroom) I won, but only by about a minute.

We had a great if, as always, too short visit, and dinner at The Prestiege. She was afraid they might try to duplicate us there, but I was rather excited that one of us might get to be David Bowie. And she was brought a serving of cracker chicken that made her think they might be replicating foods in the kitchen at a ferocious rate.

• I am looking for a movie in my on demand - just for background noise so it doesn't have to be engaging, or even terribly good. And yet, I am about to turn off my third try in fifteen minutes. Time to pull out a dvd.
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