fileg (fileg) wrote,

profile page

for the people on my flist who are unhappy with their profile pages, check out this post at lj_nifty

It says, in part:

I've taken the liberty to make a Greasemonkey script that, rather than forcing you to one specific layout, lets you pick and choose the tweaks you want to apply to the profile page. You can find the Greasemonkey script here:

After installing the script, go to a profile page and click the "Customize profile >>" link at the top. A box will show itself that allows you to make any of the following tweaks individually:

* Remove horizontal rules from all but the top
* Remove topmost horizontal rule
* Underline all links
* Move user stats to bottom of page
* Remove images on topmost links
* Add more spacing between sections
* Increase the font size of user stats
* Indent interests and user lists
* Reduce overall width of page
* Center the page when width is reduced

click above for more info....
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