fileg (fileg) wrote,

how to calculate the naughtiness of the b**b line

according to this article in the sun

To figure out the naughtiness rating (O), you times the number of nipples exposed, from zero to two or expressed as fractions of nipple shown (N) with the percentage of exposed frontal surface area (P).

The sum in brackets is 20 multiplied by the cup size (C), where A cup is one, B is two, C is three and D or above is five.

Add that figure to B, the bust measurement in inches. Then divide your answer by 75. Any score higher than 100 is counted as obscene.

This also teaches me that:

1) British men think women can't tell if they look like like a hooker without the use of math

2) I'm not sure why they think women will bother to use this formula - unlike British men (especially mathematicians, and apparently proof readers), most of us actually know what happens when you multiply by 0


* Yes, I censored that hideous word. I *detest* the term boobs. I don't appreciate the juxtaposition of my gender with any terms that signify below average intelligence, and I don't think we should encourage men - many, though thankfully not all of whom are easily confused by such things - by teaching them that these words go together. Tits is a perfectly good word, and not nearly so offensive.

I will share this, though:


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