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Writer's Block: On the Bus

Jam a bunch of people together in a tight space like a bus or the subway and something crazy is bound to happen. What's the most memorable thing you've seen on mass transit?

I'm sure that many people who travelled on transit with my ex have stories to tell, but I'm not gonna think about that now.

One night Jim and I were coming into Manhattan on the LIRR and instead of the regular arrival message, a great big Barry White type voice came over the intercom and announced, "New York. Manhattan. Penn Station. The end of the line... and there's not a thing in this world that you can do about it." !!

This, however, is my favorite transit story. I wish it was my story, but it happened to our friend Ginger.

She was riding the NY subway, and in front of her were two little girls. One said to the other, "Close your eyes, and I'll give you something to eat and you have to guess what it is."

"OK," the little one replied. She opened up and accepted the item, chewed for awhile, chewed some more, and made a face. "Yuck! What is it?"

The doors opened just then, but as Ginger got off the train she heard the first one say, "I'll give you a hint. It's not something people eat..."
Tags: bus, subway, train, transit, writer's block

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