fileg (fileg) wrote,

If I had posted this yesterday, I would have expected most of you to believe it was an April fool's joke - but it's not, it a British ad for the Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Bikini razor

click the link above, and make sure you aren't drinking....


Speaking of April fools, Chris ended up fooling herself yesterday by knocking into her bedside table, unplugging her clock. Since she was too tired to get up, she rummaged in the bag by her bed and found her travel alarm -- which she had never reset for daylights savings time. Since she was rushing around to make up time, she locked her house keys in her apartment, and had to run over and get our set after work. (I told her there were worse things that could have happened, considering she works for the state...)

We had dinner tonight to catch up before she goes south for her parents surprise 50th anniversary. Great visit, (but the food, while fine, was nothing exceptional. We could have gotten similar for about half the price without driving more than a block or two.)


My april fools seems to have been played on me by my DVR, which frequently drives me mad. Actually, I have to admit, it's not the DVR, which is doing what I asked, but the morons who type in the program information.

BBC America and the plethora of PBS stations I get (I'm not complaining about that, mind) are the worst. This morning I got 2 copies of the same episode of Nature, neither of them in English. And right now, I am watching a yet different episode of Nature - which would be fine, but it's supposed to be Secrets of the Dead.
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