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Strangely enough, what I do remember is that I used to remember things. Lately? Not so much. I'm growing used to feeling around for my glasses, and even to popping in to use the bathroom, not because I have to go, but because I don't remember what I actually went down the hall for.

It's always been a little harder to remember where *things* are in my apartment. Jim and I both have the "collectors" gene, and to round that out, he also got the "packrat" gene, and I got the "sentimental value" one.

So, last night riding home in the car, I had a thought about making myself a desktop with a picture I knew I squirreled away years back of James Earl Jones standing by a barn, wearing overalls and holding a bunny in his giant hand. (I think, though I may be wrong, that it was an at&t ad) But the thought of trying to find and dig through the box of clippings was daunting, especially time wise. I assumed I could find the picture on line, but my google-fu has failed me. Perhaps it will encourage me to do some searching in the files, hopefully leading to scan-and-toss.

My other "failure to finds" are somewhere in the comics boxes, but we haven't kept up with comics for years and I have no idea where to start.

I was hoping to scan a panel from Aztec Ace a while back, and I thought I might find those in the *accessible* (not) cabinet in the hall closet. I am guessing it's in one of the long boxes then, probably cuddled up to something like Jack Tenrec. Boy, I would like to have those collected.

And for the last few days, I have woken up with a line of dialog repeating over and over in my dream-brain. This isn't unusual for me, but usually it's music. This time it was a panel from Wolverine McAllister, (the Fort Ticonderoga era.) It was still *almost* music though - it's the johnny appleseed pastiche , where Jemmy Acorn is singing , "Oh, the Lord is my best friend; He gives my bum a pat..."

Probably little chance of finding that reprinted either is my guess.

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