fileg (fileg) wrote,

national poetry month

Obviously, I'm not going to post poems everyday as I sometimes do, but I have a few I want to share

Suzanne Buffam
Please Take Back the Sparrows

Please take back the sparrows.
They are bothersome and cute.
They are brown and daily all year long.
They make a plaything of the wind and the spruce.
They come too close.
They look right at me with their tiny black eyes.
They dart through spaces.
They pick up the pieces and the pace.
From rooftop to eavetrough to wire to branch—
they spring spring spring spring spring spring spring.
They are not sorry.
They are not singing.
Many they are one
they are never not somewhere.
They are not not singing.
They are not slack.
They fear the bluejay and the airedale.
They drink from the pond!
They scatter thinking.
They are not asking or telling they are scattering thinking
they are shivering.
They are awake or they are shivering.
Please, take back the sparrows.
They bathe in dust.

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