fileg (fileg) wrote,

faszinierend - oh, bablefish!

This came through the bean buffs today, complete with link to this article (once again, in German), and this computer generated translation which really amused me:

"Bright castle - Hollywood actor Sean Bean " during the shootings to the motion picture film; Black Death" (German: Black death) in Saxonia-Anhalt its knowledge thirst satisfied. It is interested much in medieval buildings, said 50 - year old ones to the German press agency DPA on Tuesday. " During the shootings I could become acquainted with the locks and castles in the area. They are very much faszinierend." Bean, which already " in; Master of the Ringe" along-played, turns still to at the beginning of June in bright castle, Wernigerode and Quedlinburg the dark Middle Ages thriller, at the beginning of of 2010 into the cinemas to come is. Direction leads Christian OF Smith."

Tags: black death, sean bean
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