fileg (fileg) wrote,

drabble: poppies

I feel really rusty --
for the challenge "Poppies" at tolkien_weekly

Title: Poppies
Author: fileg
Character: ?
Rating: G
Disclaimer: All of Arda belongs to the professor. I just happen to live there.

Peace had settled over most of the city now, and joy with it, hand in hand. But here in the Houses there were those who had not yet overcome their war.

Some still suffered wounds, some a black clinging fear that refused to let them go, and a few – a few now suffered from their inability to let go of the medicine they had been treated with.

Seedpod cradled in her hand, the healer looked out over the new remembrance garden outside her window.

“Ah, you poppies,” she sighed. “They plant you to remember, but they use you to forget.”
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