fileg (fileg) wrote,

call for alphabet aid

Among the slew of icon games we play in, Jim (notarysojac) and I play in a few together, two of which are alphabet games. One deals with Anime and Manga, and the other with anything Japanese.

Through the vagaries of missed weeks and extensions, these two games are currently up to the same letter. Which is Q.

We've already been around the alphabet several times together, and I played in the anime game for quite some time before he joined. And honestly, though all we have to do is come up with some text containing the dreaded letter, I am feeling the burnout. Jim and I bandied some words about this morning at breakfast, and I found myself reduced to thinking in latin. (Which I may yet fall back to.)

So -- if any of you have any ideas to push our way, however outlandish, please push away.

Not just for Q - this means the dreaded X and Z will soon be here as well. (I also hate U. And L. )

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